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The Best Cofee Shop In Cardiff Neighborhoods

Best Coffee Shops For Cardiff Freelancers – Boost Your Productivity

When starting a business, becoming a freelancer or just about trying to do anything else productive online, you’re likely going to run into a problem. That problem is of course; lack of productivity with where you are working.

This is especially true for newer freelancers or business owners who aren’t sure about their direction yet. Although mindset & motivation are a topic of conversation for another day, I’d recommend reading up on these before even thinking about starting a business/becoming a freelancer, but again, that’s a conversation for another day.

Today I wanted to do a quick post about the top coffee shops in Cardiff.

Just to be clear – this isn’t really about where you can get the best coffee in Cardiff (or finding the best cafes in Cardiff either, for that matter) – it’s more about the some of few best Cardiff coffee shops for someone looking to be extremely productive and essentially grow a business. This is something that helped me a lot personally and something I believe helped fast track the business to where it is today. That is of course working outside of your home.

A lot of people struggle with the distraction when working from home. Even with a home office, to this day, I still find it more difficult to work from home than a coffee shop or an office.

There’s a whole bunch of psychological reasons why that is the case, but that’s a bit off topic. So, let’s crack on with the list

200 Degrees

Situated on Queen Street, 200 Degrees was where I went to work everyday (no joke) for close to 6 months. So essentially it was “my selection” when I was looking for a place to work day in and day out. There are a few reasons why: great coffee, very friendly staff, decent wifi (although seems to have gotten worse recently) and comfortable seating for working.

That last point is something I think the majority of Cardiff cafes and coffee shops looking to attract the work-from-a-coffee-shop type person forget. Comfy seats for working, very different to comfy seats for chilling

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