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  • Size Target: £2500

Weʼre raising £2,500 to Support Muslim women prisoners to observe Ramadhan 2020 and provide post-prison release assistance.


Please give generously.


We are currently running our annual Prisoner Ramadhan Pack Appeal to enable Muslim women prisoners to observe their Ramadhan and would appreciate your generous donations towards supporting sisters during a particularly difficult part of their journey.

With the will of Allah SWT, we will be providing them with vital resources required during this month; this includes items such as the noble Quran, dates (kajoor), ZamZam water, prayer books, prayer beads, hijab, Eid cards etc.

At present, due to the Coronavirus, the women have no congregational gatherings or prayers outside of their prison cells and this looks to be the case for the foreseeable period. In many instances, this has meant a 22-hour lock-down. Therefore, everything we supply in the packs is all that they will have to keep them going during Ramadan. One sister worriedly told us:

“Ramadhan in prison is always difficult but I can’t imagine how we will make it through an entire month in our cells alone. The thought is so scary. In Sha Allah, the packs will bring hope and support us through this blessed month”

Any women released during Ramadan and beyond this will also be supported by this fund as many mainstream services are ‘on pause’. The present coronavirus pandemic has added to the plight of vulnerable Muslim women prisoners, many of who already come out to little family or community support, mainly due to stigma and shame.

Often time, our clients are confined to their meagre accommodations either in isolation or with their young children feeling trapped. The monies will be used to support these women and their children in these exacerbating situations. This will include former prisoners going through the immigration process.

These are most needy, deserving of your help and is Zakat & Sadaqah eligible.

Please give generously.

Our services start from basic provisions upon release such as:

• welcome packs which include food

• personal hygiene items

• basic clothing and

• travel costs

We also support the women to source accommodation and often have requests for simple household items such as utensils, toasters, and bed linen or nappies/clothing for children to help clients & families to settle in.

* Thank you to everybody who has donated so far! We are so encouraged by the generosity and support from the community for this noble cause *

Update message on 11th April 2020- We have been approached by a Muslim Chaplain sister who works in London prisons and she has kindly requested that we also support HMP Downview prison as well as HMP Send prison. She has asked us to fundraise for additional monies to enable her to supply her Prisoners with Ramadhan packs as she is struggling to do so. In the spirit of humanity, we will endeavour to do our best In Sha Allah.


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