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Many Reasons To Visit Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and a great place to spend a weekend, or longer away. Travelodge has a wide selection of hotels in the area, including our which puts you right at the heart of action so you can pick a base that suits you. Here are 5 reasons why you absolutely must […]

7 Big Ideas For Small Places

GOT A TEENY ROOM, an empty corner, or a bare wall? That’s a prime spot for a cozy nook or a little vignette. Whether you turn yours into a book-filled retreat, an intimate dining alcove, or a snug seating area, a “room within a room” feels instantly inviting. And as these ­Airbnbs show, it’s not […]

Top Muslim-Friendly Cities In Europe You’ll Have To Visit (With Easy To Find Halal Food!)

Most Muslims around the world would think twice about travelling to Europe as they feel it’ll be hard for them to find halal food. But thanks to the presence of the Turks, the Moroccans, and the Algerians in the cities, you’ll easily be able to find halal food all around these cities! Not only that, there’s also […]

The Best Cofee Shop In Cardiff Neighborhoods

Best Coffee Shops For Cardiff Freelancers – Boost Your Productivity When starting a business, becoming a freelancer or just about trying to do anything else productive online, you’re likely going to run into a problem. That problem is of course; lack of productivity with where you are working. This is especially true for newer freelancers […]

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